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At the 78o East Restaurant the menu offers a tasting journey of seasonal ingredients and intense flavors. Ala carte for dinner and specially designed Buffet Lunches keeping in mind the corporate executives and guest with time constraints

The buffet features an array of over 36 savory dishes and desserts with a mix of south Indian, Chinese / Thai, Moughlai and Hyderabadi.

The Ala carte menu at 78o East Restaurant is the chef’s interpretation of modern Hyderabadi cuisines, tastes & preferences. Emphasis on exploring and adapting in its fold cuisines from Awadh , North West Frontier, South India and Chinese without letting go of the Kabab’s, biryani and khorma’s of the traditional Hyderabadi offerings.

78o East Restaurant - 5th Floor Triad, 7-93, Zaheer Nagar, Habshiguda, Hyderabad (Tel 91-40-40047878, 91-40-40057878).

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