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Hyderabadi cuisine is famous for its unique synthesis of northern, Mughlai finesse with southern, deccani robustness and spice. Curiously this cuisine is not readily available in the city of its birth. The vision of 78o East is to provide Hyderabadi fine dining in a setting designed to capture the charm and elegance of the Asaf Jah and Qutb Shahi eras.

Our main seating area features a fabric panelled ceiling with a beautifully intricate design inspired by the palaces of the Nizam’s picked out with gold thread. Stunning chandeliers, carved pillars and limestone flooring all transport the diner to a bygone age. Curtained side areas provide privacy whilst a divan seating section enables diners to eat in the traditional Indian manner.

78o East Restaurant - 5th Floor Triad, 7-93, Zaheer Nagar, Habshiguda, Hyderabad (Tel 91-40-40047878, 91-40-40057878).

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